Indoor kennel for cats and dogs


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Thanks to the Rossini indoor kennel for cats and dogs, your pet will be the star of your living room. The design of the niche with the air of Italian theater with its curtains will allow your cat or dog to rest quietly out of sight. A real haven of peace for your companion and a nice piece of furniture for your interior.

You can thus use the indoor niche as a small piece of furniture by putting something on it. This allows you to recover the floor space that would be lost with a classic cat basket.

The curtains present on the niche are not only there to look pretty. Once closed, they make the space more cozy and cocooning. Cats’ natural instincts are to seek out an enclosed place to hide or take naps. The curtains therefore make the difference and the indoor doghouse will very quickly become the new favorite refuge of your furry friend.

The niche is made of white melamine. Rod and curtains are included. For optimal comfort, the kennel comes with a comfortable cushion so that your cat can sleep comfortably.


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